Important: 3G Astro Pitch - Access and Footwear Requirements

Our brilliant 3G Astro Pitch at Hope Park, Pitskelly Road, Carnoustie is used by all sections of the Community Club. With the high levels of attendance at the various training sessions Club Members attend it is essential that all players and coaches that enter the 3G astro pitch must wear the correct footwear. Please note what footwear is recommended:

Do NOT wear boots with metal studs or metal blades. These will damage the surface.

Also, boots with plastic blades are shown to increase the risk of knee and lower leg injury when used on a 3G surface.

The Best footwear is rubber or plastic moulded studded boots.

Dimple soled 'astro turf' trainers are acceptable.

Flat soled trainers are not recommended. They will compress the pile and increase the risk of injury to you.


Want to see some pictures of what's recommended?

Click this link to download a document which sets the out recommended footwear when using the 3G astro pitch here

Please note parents and guardians should not enter the 3G astro pitch unless their child needs additional support. Where entry is necessary it should be agreed with the team coaches and in these exceptional circumstances parents and guardians should stay to the side of the pitch.

Thank you for helping to look after our 3G astro pitch so that we can all enjoy its benefits for years to come.


Kind regards

Carnoustie Panmure Community Football Club


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